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Designing buildings & spaces with meaningful and distinctive experiences. Ahmed Wafik Designs (AWD) is a multi-disciplinary studio with teams in the US and Egypt lead by Ahmed Wafik. We are a team of creative designers driven by today’s challenges of architecture, urban and natural environment. Our work relies on thinking beyond the walls of our built environment. We believe in designs that are not only functional, but also brings pleasant experiences to people life. We take the cultural, historical and social impacts of our creations very seriously. Through comprehensive analysis and data gathering, every project we develop is an elaborative design that brings value to real estate developers, stakeholders, and the community. AWD works and collaborates with developers, architects, engineers, home and business owners, and offers architectural, urban and interior design services. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our talents, ability to tackle complex design challenges, and make a difference in people’s lives through design.

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